En Pointe

Winner of Samsung's MilkVR "There in 60 seconds" Contest


After being cut from the ballet, a young woman stays late at the theater and dreams of her perfect performance.

The film was shot in 360 2D specifically for Virtual Reality. We also mixed the film in 3D 5.1 surround sound that will play directionally in relation to the users head position.


VR Setup Instructions

GearVR:  The film is available in the "Gear Indie" section of Samsung's MilkVR app.

Google Cardboard:  To view the film on youtube with Google Cardboard please follow the youtube link and click the icon on the video that looks like a pair of goggles. Then place your phone inside the viewer.  (Note: this will only work on Android Devices with the most current version of youtube.)

Iphone & mobile devices:  To view the film on your phone in 360 just follow the youtube link on your mobile device and play the video as you would any other. You will be able to look around the scene by using your phone screen as a viewing window and moving the device around your body.

Also watch the film on MilkVR-Samsung Gear VR