By Brian Seth Hurst

"I am in a Dystopian World.  Something has happened that has altered the course of society. I am watching a woman, bereft over the loss of her husband and desperate to be with him again. To get there she dons a pair of Mad Max-style goggles. The shot changes and suddenly I have become her. And I am lying in bed face to face in the morning light with her husband brought to life again, looking into his clear, loving and content blue eyes as he asks me (as her) "What would you like to do today?” The effect is nothing short of stunning. I know not only why she loves him but also why she misses him, and I can actually "feel” the experience. I am in a head-mounted display at the Kaleidoscope Virtual Reality Film Festival and in the world that independent VR Filmmaker Connor Hair has created in his 12-minute film, Real. Hair, by moving from 2D stereoscopic into 180° VR has succeeded in the emerging art of VR storytelling and what I have come to call "immersive forward moving narrative."


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